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Femmina is a Society for Latina Entrepreneurs, Leaders & Ambiciosas

Femmina is a community for women who want to be around excellence. They are developing themselves mentally and professionally and understand that a new level of success come with a new network. #latinasociety


 This community was founded after a year of networking and going to events in search of meaningful connections and  a quest to make new friends that were also trying to better themselves and grow a business. 

We have TWO annual events:

  • Our Annual Galentine Gala in February
  • Ambiciosa Bootcamp (Date TBD

And if you are located in Arizona, we invite you to our quarterly Happy Hours! Join Mail List to get updates!

I don't know if you've experienced this, but the entrepreneur/ high leadership levels can be isolating and at a time where we are more connected than ever, people are more lonely than ever. You have to be intentional if you want to make new friends.


 Femmina is a great group to network, learn, connect remember where we come from and to create a platform for leaders to grow.

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Our Mission

noun [ feminine ] /’fem•mi•na/

Femmina's mission is to create a community and platform to be a resource for like-minded women in leadership who are either Latina or feel very connected to the culture -to meet, connect, inspire and collaborate with one another through our annual events, happy hours and giving back to the community.

 We know that sometimes family and current friends are not the most supportive of our businesses and big ideas, so we most importantly want to create a safe space for women to grow and show up as their highest selves. 

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Our Vision

 It’s our vision for you to make new connections, feel supported, confident and welcomed by other women who are committed to success like you.

 We want to encourage and support those who are experts in their field by creating a platform for them share their knowledge and passion, their stories and their best tips about what they have done to grow a successful business.

 We are open to collaboration opportunities and ways we can serve business-minded women and youth.

Let's unite, dream big, inspire one another and build an empire!

There has never been a better time to be a Latina in business! 

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