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Statistically, Latinas are the lowest paid women in the U.S.












I help Latinas build 6-figure online businesses so we can bridge the gap and never be limited to a dollar amount again.

Hi, I'm Jessica the Latina Business Coach

I have made it my mission to bridge the #Latinapaygap by helping Latina entrepreneurs create our own American dream by monetizing the skills and knowledge they already posess.


Sit tight as I revamp my group coaching program to help you create, grow and launch your online course or business with my signature framework.

Doors open October 5th and it will be the last chance to work with me in 2020 so make sure you get on the waitlist below.

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The Latina Business Coach Podcast is all about the HOW of starting, launching and growing your business. Each episode gives you a tangible strategy to build your empire!

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Here are just a few of my amazing past students & clients who have launched businesses!

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About Me 

I'm Jessica Bahena

I am a wife, mom of two toddlers and former beauty entrepreneur turned business coach, podcast host and community connector.

I consider myself a multi-passionate entrepreneur who finally gathered all of my passions, problem solving skills and turned them in to ONE very clear brand and community with a mission to serve.

 I have always had a strong passion for teaching and a natural talent in leadership, however I spent many years and thousands of dollars trying to figure out how I could take my expertise and skills and actually create something that would help people.

After lots of U-turns, hard stops and starting over many times, I went from "failed-entrepreneur" to 5 figure months as a business coach in less than a year!


Phil 2:3-4


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