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Mija, you're trying to build an empire, you just need someone to tell you HOW! 

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My Viva the Coach Course is for leaders who want to become coaches. In this 12 week group course I teach you my 3 phase framework on how to become an online coach + create + design + launch and sell a course.

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My Launch Your Concept Course is a step by step, 8 week group course to help you decide your next business move and go ALL in.  I teach you how to niche down, build a brand and launch an offer.



The Latina Business Coach Podcast is all about the HOW of starting, launching and growing your business. Each episode gives you a tangible strategy to build your empire!

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Femmina is a platform for Latina entrepreneurs, Leaders & Ambiciosas to connect with events and webinars. #latinasociety

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If you're a multi-passionate entrepreneur with lots of ideas, then you probably need help picking ONE thing so you can become a go-to expert! 

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About Me 

I'm Jessica Bahena

I am a wife, mom of two toddlers and former beauty entrepreneur turned business coach, podcast host and community connector.

I consider myself a multi-passionate entrepreneur who finally gathered all of my passions, problem solving skills and turned them in to ONE very clear brand and community with a mission to serve.

 I have always had a strong passion for teaching and a natural talent in leadership, however I spent many years and thousands of dollars trying to figure out how I could take those things and create something that would help people and still create the income I had been dreaming of!

I knew I had a lot of potential, so I never gave up, even though I made lots of U-turns, hard stops and started over many times.

Now I have made it my mission to help women like me find their thing, clarify their ideas and monetize them with REAL resources like in-person events, coaching, my bilingual podcast and creating valuable content.

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This program is for the go-getter, the dreamer, the hustler and the fire starter. The one who desires to be able to build and monetize the business of her dreams, but just needs the right strategy to get started!


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